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Twins Lock Video1

One of the TwinsLock's highlight  is the lock cylinder which have  four features: anti-drill, anti-pry, anti-break and anti-duplicate.

Anti drill - Unique combination of metals and alloys,chrome nickel steel makes it cannot be drilled

Anti pry - Magnetically operated which is activated by its magnetic oriented counterpart,found in its key makes the lock do not operate with the conventional up and down action.

Anti break - Lock made of chrome nickel steel while key made of nickel silver makes it impossible to break

Anti duplicate - Combination of polarity,orientation and strengths of magnet found at the edge of the key blade makes the key impossible to duplicate even locksmiths.

Second feature of  the TwinsLock is the safety button which to prevent the pedal lock being locked due to the impact of accident.

The lock can only be lock once the safety button being press.